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K Phono Safari 5 Pak: K Rock the Party! 12" LPs


Revisit some '90s bumpin' with this first edition of the Phono Safari 5 Pak. This pak includes five 12" vinyl singles culled from Olympia's underground dance party past.

This Phono Safari Pak includes:

  1. Tilson "Action" 12" [KLP102]
  2. IQU with Miranda July "Girls on Dates" 12" [KLP094]
  3. Silent Lambs Project "Comrade" 12" [KLP090]
  4. Internal/External Inside Outside 12" [KLP123]
  5. Dub Narcotic Sound System Bone Dry 12" [KLP068]

You get it all for the ridiculously low price of $15.00 - Come on, is this for realz!?! Yes. Get in.


Tilson "Action" 12" [KLP102]

Impact Entertainment (Tacoma, WA) produced this fine sample of late '90s NW hip hop. Two songs that move the floor. Tilson later went on to join Seattle's Saturday Knights.


IQU with Miranda July "Girls on Dates" 12" [KLP094]
A grand collaboration between Miranda July and Olympia's electronica dance pop trio IQU, recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio. Also features the songs "Kida Co-Coma" and remixes of both song by members of IQU.


Silent Lambs Project "Comrade" 12" [KLP090]

Seattle Hip-Hop underground veterans Jace 4th Party and Blak Blind Council collaborate on a return to the lyrical artform with raw beats aplenty. Experimental approach for those craving new sounds. Kendu of Black Anger/Bedroom Produksionz steps up for a guest appearance on the mic.


Internal/External Inside Outside 12" [KLP123]

A five song EP (plus instrumental mixes) featuring the production of Paul Schuster (first Julie Ruin album) with Olympia vocalist Rebecca Pearcy (also known for her Queen Bee Creations). "...a blast of stun-tone synths, alien bass and drum loops joined halfway through by a back beat of double piano, for a pillowy electro-psychedelic Sunday drive." Uh-huh.


Dub Narcotic Sound System Bone Dry 12" [KLP068]

Four songs (plus instrumental versions) recorded by Calvin Johnson and the Dub Narcotic Sound System at Royal Recording Studios in Memphis, TN. with Stax Records engineer William Brown in the summer of 1996. "Bass Hump" features horns by Memphians Ben Cauley (a founding member of the BarKays), trumpet, Jack Hale (Memphis Horns), trombone, and Lannie McMillan, saxophone.

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