"Old Time Relijun Songs You Have Probably Never Heard" by Arrington de Dionyso

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Arrington says: "For many years I played, toured and recorded with a band called Old Time Relijun. We recorded eight full length albums, so that means a ton of songs over the 13 plus years we were an active band. A few of those songs were kind of like our 'hits'- the songs that people at shows requested, put on their mixtapes, sang along to at shows. Some of these songs have videos on Youtube, too- some of them even have more than 40,000 views, that's great!

"But we recorded LOTS of songs. Some of them are the B-sides, or at the very end of a record. Some of them are instrumentals, and you can't really sing along to them. So I thought I'd make a K playlist of 'Old Time Relijun Songs You Have Probably Never Heard.' Some day we might even release our 'Covers' album, which features people like Mount Eerie, Mirah, Scream Club, Larkin Grimm and much more doing their covers of Old Time Relijun songs. But I don't know when that will happen."