Jeremy Jay

Splash (KLP218)

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 Splash [KLP218], the third album by Jeremy Jay, was recorded over the summer of 2009, while Jeremy was living in London. It mixes a deeply personal, chopped-up narrative with crunchy guitars and sky-high synths. The first track, "As You Look Over the City", opens with an aerial view of London's glittering night skyline. Splash is a sonic postcard that tells the story of a life picked up in a new and unfamiliar environment; that fresh ambition of a new life.

After a six-week stint on the road, Jay headed to London's Fortress Studio with his band (Jet Marshall on guitar, Tony Harewood on bass and Jacob Grace on drums). "Just Dial My Number," the lovelorn first single from the album, teams a hard-hitting kick drum with disco-grunge percussion, soaring synths and a strident piano. "It Happened Before Our Time" features elevated coos in the re-telling of a daydream of boyhood escapades. Meanwhile on "This is Our Time," Jeremy sets off for the big city with dreamy-eyed idealism: "Get on some new jeans, a haircut at the shop / A suitcase full of wishes as you walk into the city."

On Splash, Jeremy sings with the most conviction and passion he has ever shown. He is still dreaming, but this time he's looking down from the rooftops, rather than up to the sky, and the intense life he evokes is anything but everyday.

Track Listing
As You Look Over The City
Just Dial My Number
It Happened Before Our Time
A Sliver Of A Chance
Something To Remember You By
This Is Our Time
Someday Somewhere
Why Is This Feeling So Strong?

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