Jeremy Jay

Dream Diary (KLP212)

LP $16.00
Damaged LP* $6.50

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On Jeremy Jay's Dream Diary [KLP212] the sway of the heart is in overdrive with the freedom of youth and bright horizons (especially at night); oh, and don't forget love. These are the major themes of Dream Diary. Recorded with the powerful yet lithe trio of Jeremy, guitar and keyboards, Derek playing electric bass guitar, and Michael on drums, they kept the room alive at Stagg Street Studios in Los Angeles, Ca. with the majestic pop perfection that unfolds as Dream Diary draws you into its spell. Synth driven, and a bit moodier than his past work, this album will take you by the hand and walk with you towards a beautiful sunset, and then walk right past it.

*The "Damaged LP" is an LP in perfect shape that has been sent back to K because a corner of the jacket is bent & unsellable in stores.  DISCOUNTED PRICE!*

Track Listing
Out On the Highway
Caught In a Whirl
By the River's Edge
Secret Sounds
In the Times
The Days of Casting Clouds
It's Just a Walk In the Park
Our Only Light's a Flashlight
Whispers of the Heart
The Dream Diary Kids
Wild Orchids
The Man On The Mountain

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