Karl Blau

Zebra (KLP205)

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Listening to Karl Blau's albums and trying to describe what you hear is like walking through a local farmer's market and describing all the vegetables grown in that area. The common thread running through Blau's records is a love felt for homegrown music. Most anyone can sense the passion this cultivator has for his trade. In a world of instant access to musical cultures near and far, Blau overtly mirrors African musical influences with hints of blues, soul and rock steeped in l’herbe de Northwest and he calls it Zebra [KLP205].

This striped burro was birthed in the trusty analog setting of Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, Washington. For Zebra, Blau explored
the frontiers of folklore, adding one instrument at a time (drum, guitar, bell, keys, saxophone, flute, piano) in an organic process of
response to this confluence of sounds. A restless thinker, Blau is adept at imaginative and sweet songs about education, work, love
and society. Blessed with an expressive and gentle baritone, Blau asks the eternal question: "what’s next?" Every generation has its
own revolution and we need heartfelt music now as much as ever. Let's practice how we dance.

Track Listing
Waiting for the Wind
Crucial Contact
Apology to Pollinateurs
All Over the Town
Free the Bird
Goodbye Little Song
Dark Sedan
Welcome to NW
Tha' Ole Moon Smile
MT Handed
Nothing New
Gnos LeVohs

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