Jeremy Jay

Slow Dance (KLP197)

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Jeremy Jay walks where a winter theme pervades, the backdrop for the scenes from Slow Dance [KLP197]. 

Starting with a bang, Slow Dance navigates the listener through forests and over star streams as easily as walking through the streets, before it shifts to dance floor romance and night-time escapades. There is a consistent, mysterious sway; a strong will backed by noble guitars and shiny synths. Amidst, Jay is protective and candid, inviting listeners to dance with a whisper. A romance of dreams and realities, full colors, ice skates and disco lights.

Recorded in winter-time at the Dub Narcotic Studio (Olympia, Washington) in a succession of silhouettes, Jay (synth and guitar; joined by Derek James on bass, Nick Pahl on drums and Ilya Malinsky on guitar) varies speeds with smooth precision. “Slow Dance” and “Winter Wonder” have a repetitive, loose charm. “In This Lonely Town” and “Breaking the Ice” maintain a strident beat; “Will You Dance with Me?” and “Where Could We Go Tonight?” end with questions where the response feels limitless. The glide on ice transfers to the dance floor with ease.

Jeremy Jay [possesses a] frail ingeniousness, creating a warm, inviting space … Dream baby dream.” - Pitchfork

Track Listing
We Were There
In This Lonely Town
Canter Canter
Slow Dance
Winter Wonder
Will You Dance With Me?
Breaking The Ice
Slow Dance 2
Where Could We Go Tonight?

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