Old Time Relijun

2012 (KLP171)

Full Release

CD $10.00


Chemical Factory
Los Angeles
Wolves and Wolverines
Magnetic Electric
Your Mama Used to Dance
Lions and Lambs
Burial Mound
Her Fires Chill Me
The King of Lost Light
The Blood and the Milk
Start packing your survival kits, music lovers, because the world will end on December 21, 2012. This is the dead stop predicted in the Mayan Long Count calendar, and it's also where the next stage in the feral mythopoetic dance groove of Old Time Relijun begins. Place this record in your music-reproduction device of choice and groove upon the sound of loud giants striding around in the post-apocalypse, mud and dead scorpions clinging to those dancing shoes, dream wolves feasting on their synapses. 2012 is the next stage in the evolution of Old Time Relijun, and you will wonder where on earth this album's set you down once you've heard it. The current incarnation of Old Time Relijun features writer/shouter/guitarist/saxophonist/mad-prophet Arrington de Dionyso and brilliant upright bassist Aaron Hartman, plus a new drummer, Jamie Peterson (formerly of Deerhoof side project The Curtains). The new record recorded at the mythical Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson -- is something of a sequel to the sexy stompfest of Lost Light [KLP159] (which, mark my words, will surely be ranked among the best song sequences of the second millennium). The dance groove the band creates here gets faster and snakier, even as the sermons and dreamscapes plunge back to earth. Imagine a baptismal hand gripping the back of your head, allowing you a brief moment to inhale that L.A. smog real deep before you're head's underwater scattering the tadpoles and cold-muffling your ears. That's what we have in 2012: a crazed, visceral song sequence that generates a groove smiled upon by the ghosts of Howlin' Wolf, Pere Ubu, James Brown, the Gang of Four, John the Baptist, and Albert Ayler.