Dub Narcotic Sound System

You Fuck Me Up (KLP156)

LP $10.00

The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

A single from Dub Narcotic Sound System’s album Degenerate Introduction (KLP157), “Fuck Me Up” is the sound of Heather Dunn letting loose an a particularly damaging object of desire. It’s got a good beat, many folks are finding that they can not help but dance to it.

“Cowboy Coffee (Version)” is a tightened-up dubophonic groove that delivers the dreamscape. An unsafe mix of radioactive garage soul sound sweeping the mining towns of the west; the subterranean dance floors of the east will recoil in anticipation. Drop the needle, smash the record.

“Handclappin”, the first release since 1998’s Out of Your Mind (KLP083), is a whirlwind of funk, garage and soul from Mr. K Records himself, Calvin Johnson. Dub Narcotic Sound System greases you up and sexes it up like Har Mar Superstar wishes he could. Calvin, also known for his spazzed-out dance stylings, grooves it up with Heather Dunn and Chris Sutton on a track that’s best summed up by this line: “You say you don’t want no scrubs / But you haven’t partied with the Dubs”. Like a Bizarro Barry White, Calvin knows what his fans want – “all the girls want to be me / All the boys want to do me”. Ohhhh yeah! This is my dance floor anthem. Jaded hipsters beware, there’s nothing ironic about this album. – Kitty Magik

Party people in the place get hype—K Records is serving up another disco plate piled high with well-seasoned elbow groove-a-roni. In his tireless quest to provide the perfect soundtrack to social gatherings of all kinds, indie rock legend Calvin Johnson has assembled a crack band of musical misfits known as the Dub Narcotic Sound System. – Pitchfork Media

Track Listing

  1. You Fuck Me Up
  2. Cowboy Coffee Version

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