Dub Narcotic Sound System

Hand Clappin' (KLP147)

Full Release

CD $8.00


Hand Clappin
Petrolbzz Version
Sabely Goodness
Mega Clash Version
Hand Clappin’ is the first new release by Dub Narcotic Sound System since their Out of Your Mind (KLP083) album from 1998. It’s got that new radioactive garage soul sound that is sweeping the mining towns of the west and the subterranean dance floors of the east. Iron curtain guitar progressions set to a positively-charged electron beat. The line-up is: Calvin Johnson guitar, vocals and melodica; Chris Sutton bass, drums; Heather Dunn drums, bass, vocals. Whoa hold on - there are guest stars such as Adam Forkner of Yume Bitsu on guitar (he also shares production credits) and Tilson (of Tilson) and B.B. on vocals. Also, Gibby (Panic), Kttyboots and Zahava also figure prominently in the square-tripping “Megaclash (Version)”.

This "Hand Clappin" is an anthem of the undercast, letting it be known that inciting the dance riots of America is not such a bad legacy for the Narcotic Sound System: Dub.

“Petrolbzz (Version)” is sound clash style instrumental poetry, melodica front wheel drive over forty miles of bad road.

“Sabley Goodness” is Heather Dunn’s vocal debut, on which she is singing about heart’s desire in a way that will give you the willie-johns. And then make you like it. “What’s a girl in our town supposed to do?” indeed.

“Mega-Clash (Version)” is epic, warpaint type stuff. Headz beware.