All Girl Summer Fun Band

All Girl Summer Fun Band (KLP130)

CD $10.00

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The All Girl Summer Fun Band Make a Joyful Sound! Kim, Ari, Kathy and Jen (also of our lovely Softies) have come together forming a powerful pop majesty. Dream girl mod action recorded by Calvin Johnson at the Dub Narcotic studio, it's the ultimate in groovilicious guitar wonder-chimes. There are elements of girl group, punk and Britpop; long distance boyfriends, oversized cell phones and cars that don't start. Confectionary Grrr Grrr Grrr.

Track Listing
Brooklyn Phone Call
Canadian Boyfriend
Car Trouble
Later Operator
Cut Your Hair
Somehow Angels
Theme Song
It's There
Girl #3
Stumble Over My
New In Town
Cutie Pie
Cell Phone

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