Internal / External

Inside Out (KLP123)

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Inside Out
Various Transmission
Anchordown Instrumental
Sweetness Instrumental
After their debut recording Featuring... [KLP106], Internal/External's introductory techno/electronica hybrid, Paul Schuster (Internal/Externals master of ceremonies) donned his lab coat, sequestered himself in the studio and went to work developing a new I/E sound. Schuster sought to cement the project by recruiting a second member for vocal and instrumental duties, the muti-talented Rebecca Pearcy. Inside Outside launches this approach with a blast of stun-tone synths, alien bass and drum loops joined halfway through by a back beat of double piano, for a pillowy electro-psychedelic Sunday drive. The Internal/External experience shifts to a slow jam hover as Rebecca Pearcy (Olympia's Minister of Folk and Queen Bee Creations master crafter) spreads a silken iceburn over "Anchordown". "Weedhead" sparks one up with a trippy vinyl sample spliced over vintage organ and classic funky drum loops, "Sweetness" is a lovely slice of exploratory electro-pop; Instrumental versions of "Anchordown" and "Sweetness" provide ample material for the DJs and home MCs.

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