The Softies

Holiday in Rhode Island (KLP119)

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Listening to The Softies feels like peeking into a diary, with no personal detail spared. Holiday in Rhode Island, their third album, presents the most accessible means inside the humble honesty of the emotive universe of Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, Gaze, Go Sailor) and Jen Sbragia (All Girl Summer Fun Band). The band lyrically documents a lovelorn heart in every manifestation, here hope is a bright silver lining adorning each of these new songs. The harmonies between Rose And Jen shimmer, brighter than ever before, benefiting from strong arrangements and production. Their two delicately jangling guitars and crystalline voices never needed anything else, their minimalist blueprint succeeds in filling every single space, but with maturity comes the security and confidence to explore, and that's just what The Softies do with these tunes.

Track Listing
Sleep Away Your Troubles
The Places We Go
These Sad Times
The Beginning of the End
Just a Day
Me and the Bees
Holiday in Rhode Island
Favorite Shade of Blue
You and Only You
Sturdies Bay
Saint Agnes
If You Stayed
Write It Down
My Empty Arms

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