IQU with Miranda July

Girls On Dates (KLP094)

LP $12.00
CD $10.00

The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

Two of the Northwest's most idiosyncratic entities combine their unique visions into one heady concoction, a project entitled Girls on Dates. IQU regulate techno into an amorphous being, genre-bending by integrating analog instrumentation against sampling, programming and oscillating synthesizers. Miranda July from Portland, Ore. is the premier experimental performance and spoken artist today. Miranda July is a modern story teller. The two pieces here feature the otherworldly tones of Miranda with the kaleidoscopic electro-hush of IQU to chilling effect. Includes two remixes by K.O. and DJ Swiggs.

Track Listing

  1. Girls on Dates
  2. Kida Co-Coma
  3. Girls on Dates (K.O. Love Mix)
  4. Kida Co-Coma (DJ Swiggs Mix)

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