Make Up

I Want Some [KLP092]

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Pow! To the People $0.69
I Want Some $0.69
Walking on the Dune $0.69
The Choice $0.69
Born on the Floor $0.69
Hey! Orpheus $0.69
Grey Motorcycle $0.69
Every Baby Cries the Same $0.69
I am if $0.69
Little Black Book $0.69
Blue is Beautiful $0.69
Trans-Pleasant Express $0.69
Type-U-Blood $0.69
We're Having a Baby $0.69
This is Young Vulgarians $0.69
R U A Believer $0.69
Free Arthur Lee $0.69
Untouchable Sound $0.69
I Didn't Mean to Turn You On $0.69
Wade in the Water $0.69
Substance Abuse $0.69
Under the Impression $0.69
Have U Heard the Tapes $0.69

The Make-Up I want Some album compiles twenty three tracks of Rock n' Roll Comintern agitprop onto one convenient compact disc. Originally released as bite-sized 7" tomes by central committees around the globe (including several volumes in our International Pop Underground series), this is the bedside companion of every agent of the insurgent kind.


M'Lady's Records in Portland, Oregon has re-issued I Want Some on double LP, it is available HERE.