Dub Narcotic Sound System

Out of Your Mind (KLP083)

Full Release

CD $11.00
LP $16.00
Damaged LP* $6.00


Wicked Bad
Teenage Time Bomb
Dub Narcotic's Delight
Sawed Off
Rebel Makes Rhymes
Out of Your Mind
USLU Calling
Belly Warmer
Shock Mount
Papa's Got A Brand New Burnbag

If you saw them live and survived, you know the new sound of Dub Narcotic Sound System - it's loud, propulsive and disturbed. For Out of Your Mind, the Dub Narcotic Sound System has been stripped down to the bone, R&B smeared raw, with Calvin Johnson (melodica, voice), Larry Butler (drums), Brian Weber (guitar, keyboards) carrying on, augmented by Chris Sutton (bass) and special guest vocalist Miranda July on the title song. The styles of playing are still diverse: bleeding ear rockin' to blurbeat dub, all played edge-wise. It's a graveyard smash.

*The "Damaged LP" is an LP in perfect shape that has been sent back to K because a corner of the jacket is bent & unsellable in stores.  DISCOUNTED PRICE!*

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