Make Up

Sound Verite LP (KLP064)

Full Release

LP $16.00
LP + 2.25" Button $17.00
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If They Come in the Morning
Make Up is Lies
At the Tone the Time Will Be
Don't Tell it Like it is, Tell it Like it Will Be
Gospel 2000
Have U Got the New Look?
What's the Rumpus
Gold Record Pt. 1 & 2
Hot Coals

The Make-Up flood Dub Narcotic Studio with their tightened-up sound. Joined sporadically by members of the Dub Narcotic Sound System, they make with a soul rockin' that has no territorial boundaries. Turn on to the idea of Sound Verite and understand that the struggle of culture vs. Make-Up is the struggle vs. Destiny, the struggle to stop history itself.

Recorded by Calvin Johnson during a brief stop-over in Olympia in the midst of their U.S. tour, Sound Verite captures Make-Up at their most potent as both musicians and creators. All songs were made up on the spot; the band found a groove and singer Ian Svenonius took flight. The results: catastrophically terrific.

A K Essential.

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