Various Artists

Project: Echo Compilation (KLP055)

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CD $10.00
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"Prom Night"- The Crabs $0.69
"Tapeworm"- Honeybunch $0.69
"The K-I-L-L"- The Seductive $0.69
"Cup To The Well"- Satisfact $0.69
"Free From It"- Some Velvet Sidewalk $0.69
"Page Two"- Lois $0.69
"Ogre"- Copass Grinderz $0.69
"Paris In April"- Mecca Normal $0.69
"She's Real"- Kicking Giant $0.69
"Home, Home, Home"- Wandering Lucy $0.69
"Duke's Up"- Modest Mouse $0.69
"El Toro"- Satan's Pilgrims $0.69
"He'll Never Have To Know"- The Softies $0.69
"Grey-Eyed Lie"- Belmondo $0.69
"Frog"- Versus $0.69
"Hope and Pray"- Nikki McClure $0.69
"Do You Believe in Alien Boredom?"- Love As Laughter $0.69
"You Tore Me Down"- Heavenly $0.69
"Cyanide In Your Koolaid"- F.Y.P. $0.69
"Jackson"- Pansy Division $0.69
A modern compilation of hit songs from the International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm records. All of this material is available here on compact disc for the first time. A K mixtape extraordinaire! See also our earlier singles compilation, International Hip Swing (KLP016).