Halo Benders

God Don't Make No Junk (KLP029)

Full Release

LP $15.00
CD $10.00
Cassette $7.00
Full Album Download $6.99


Snowfall $0.69
Don't Touch My Bikini $0.69
Will Work For Food $0.69
Freedom Ride $0.69
Sit On It $0.69
Canned Oxygen $0.69
Scarin $0.69
On a Tip $0.69
I Can't Believe it's True $0.69
Big Rock Candy Mountain $0.69
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want $0.69
Comet Tailings $0.69

The first (of three) collaborative album between Doug Martsch (Treepeople, Built to Spill) and Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System).  Doug and Calvin wrote and recorded God Don't Make no Junk at the nascent Dub Narcotic Studio (being put together in Calvin's basement) over the course of four days in October, 1993; they were joined at different times by some of Doug's former band mates, Wayne Flower and Ralph Youtz, who played drums and electric bass guitar. Steve Fisk was brought in for the mix, and recorded a few finishing touches of his own.

The digital downloadable version of God Don't Make No Junk being sold here in the K Mail Order Dept. includes two bonus tracks, both coming from a CD single for "Don't Touch My Bikini": a cover of the Smiths' "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" and "Comet Tailings."  These tracks have been added to the end of the album program for your convenience.