Fifth Column

36C (KLP026)

Full Release

CD $11.00


All Women Are Bitches:Repeat!
(Get the) Bug
Your Love Glows in the Dark
Von Brucker In Love
It's A Really Weird Thing

Fifth Column say down with Oedipal excuses. This is the gang that updated the '60s girl group statement as TO SIR WITH HATE. Don't get them wrong...They know a thing or three about love. It's just that this bubblegum rebellion is for keeps.

Fifth Column,  an all-woman Toronto, Ont. punk band that began in the earliest of '80s, bursting upon a male-dominated scene confused by their estro-powered girl group-crossed-punk fusion. The membership went through many transitions over their decade + as a band, with the main core being G.B. Jones, Beverly Breckenridge and Caroline Azar. 36C is their third album, with an expanded line-up that included Don Pyle (Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet). Released on K in 1992 following their appearance in our International Pop Underground series, "All Women Are Bitches" [IPU033], after which the band toured across the country. G.B. Jones is also an underground filmmaker and members of Fifth Column appear in her works The Yo-Yo Gang and The Lollipop Generation.

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