Strumpet (KLP021)

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The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

This is grace with your slip showing. The second album of pure Lois tunesmithery, includes the classics "The Trouble with Me", "From a Heart" and "Strumpet" and the Zombies' "The Way I Feel Inside". Molly Neuman (Bratmobile) plays drums, Donna Dresch and Stephen Immerwahr (Codeine) play bass.

Track Listing
  1. Evening in Paris
  2. Diopter
  3. The Trouble With Me
  4. Sugar Rush
  5. Wet Eyes
  6. From a Heart
  7. Danger UXB
  8. Strumpet
  9. MC
  10. The Way I Feel Inside
  11. Return (Your Turn)

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