Le Niveau de la Mer (IPU111)

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"le niveau de la mer"
"bete a cheval"
"Le Niveau de la Mer" and "Bête à Cheval" are two songs inspired by american
imperialism, but that could also speak of many different places around the world. "Le
Niveau de la Mer" was written shortly after the passage of Hurricane Katrina and took
shape while I imagined the scene. I read somewhere that with global warming, we
would be facing this kind of storm more and more often and it terrified me. It seemed
to me as though people here prefered not having to change anything about their
lifestyles, even though we have no other option left.
"Bête à Cheval" is a song that is slightly comical which tells the story of the passing of a
violent scape-goat who stomps on everything along its way. Played on the drums by
Heather Dunn (Dub Narcotic Sound System), and yelled by the voice, the effect is
similar to a very small punch in the face.
Both songs were recorded in the big room at Dub Narcotic Studio by Calvin Johnson in
Olympia in January 2006.

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