by Gillian Smee

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Ruby Fray - Closed Eye $0.69
Mirah - Country Of The Future $0.69
LAKE - Roger Miller $0.69
Kendl Winter - Do You Leave the Light On $0.69
C.O.C.O. - Your Own Secret Way / Sly $0.69
Tiger Trap - Prettiest Boy $0.69
The Blow - Hey Boy $0.69
The Gossip - On The Prowl $0.69
Kimya Dawson - You Love Me $0.69
The Softies - Me & the Bees $0.69

Gillian says: "Screw the boys.  Go hide in your room and putz around in a female pow-wow of ladies that, for a hot second, are your best bro-hoes in a fit of I-just-off-work-and-hold-me fashion.  Let them serenade you, spice up your sass, get on with your day.  It'd be mad bleak without a little girl power spritzed in."